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Hello, I am Gary and many thanks for visiting this Top Wine Refrigerators site. Feel free to use the navigation pages here to find all information you need about the best wine coolers, the best place to store them, and the different noise levels associated with them.

First and foremost, I have been a wine lover for over 30 years now. During that period, I have been able to collect all kinds of information and extensive research on this subject. Today, I am thankful to be able to share all this useful information with you.

best wine coolers

This website does not practice hard selling. On the contrary, I strive to provide good and useful information that will enable you to make the best choice on the coolers/refrigerators you are looking for.

Looking for reviews on certain types of wine cooler brands? I got you covered as well. I have compiled a list of the top brands, so it is only a few clicks away.

Do not be surprised to find some of the reviewed products here having more negatives than positives. Like I said, I call a spade a spade. Absolutely no sugar-coating here.

Now then….

Picking the Best Wine Coolers

For starters, you should have at least a rough idea about the characteristics of the best wine coolers you are searching for. I have segregated them into 3 types here:

  • Single-Zone Cooling
    As the name implies, type of wine refrigerators come equipped with only a single cooling area with temperature control. They are ideal for newbies or light drinkers who only have 1 type of wine to store (white or red).
  • Dual-Zone Cooling
    For those that collect more than 1 type of wine (white and red). They are generally more costly than their single-zone counterpart, but not by much.
  • Built-In Wine Coolers
    They are great for integrating with kitchen or bar cabinets. For those that care more about aesthetics, this will be the one to go for as it adds a premium touch to their bar or kitchen area.

If you are just starting out and not much of a wine drinker, then I’d recommend the single-zone option. They are affordable and great to get your feet wet before deciding if you want to take wine cooling to the next level.

You can find more information about single and double-zone cooling along with the types of wine chillers/coolers by visiting the navigational panes on the sidebar. These pages are helpful especially if you are new to wine-keeping.

Once you’ve made up your mind on the cooler you’re interested in, head over to my top wine chiller/cooler reviews section to get a drill down on all the types.

Best Picks and Reviews

I have arranged the best wine coolers by type and size. Have a specific cooler type already in mind? Feel free to jump to the respective section(s) below:

Wine Coolers with Single Zone
Wine Coolers with Dual Zone
Built-In Wine Coolers
Big Wine Coolers for over 100 Bottles

Wine Coolers with Single Zone


Best Beginner 10-Bottle Wine Cooler
Westinghouse Model WWT100MB

This wine cooler for 10-bottles comes with a cooling system that is ultra-quiet and designed for maximum noise reduction. It has a temperature of between 46-67 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for storing red and white wines. Its floating glass door and elegant style offers an uplift to any cooking or living space.


Top 12-Bottle Unit Single-zone Cooler
Avanti Wine Cooler – Model EWC1021

This cooler/chiller for 12-bottles can store four bottles vertically and eight horizontally. You can monitor the internal temperature via a digital display, allowing you to adjust it on the fly. It is designed for maximum space utilization as well for storing many bottles of wine.


Most Quiet 18-Bottle Model Wine Cooler
Ivation Red & White Countertop Wine Cooler

This wine cooler for 8-bottles comes with a cooling system that is ultra-quiet and designed for maximum noise reduction. It has a temperature of between 46-67 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for storing red and white wines. Its floating glass door and elegant style offers an uplift to any cooking or living space.


Best Rated 20-Bottle Unit Wine Cooler
Whynter – Model for Thermoelectric

The most reliable ones I’ve used. Similar specs like the quietest 18-bottle wine cooler earlier. Where it’s different though is its design and wine bottles capacity. In addition, its flexible temperature options is ideal for users of many types of wine (dessert, red, white).


Top Value Model 28-Bottle Wine Chiller
AKDY Model for Thermoelectric – Freestanding

At first glance, you would mistake this for a bad wine cooler due to its competitive price. I was surprised though by its extra features and quality. Houses a cooling system (thermoelectric) with stylish control panel and interior lights.

Wine Coolers with Dual Zone

Haier HVTM12DABB 12-Bottle Dual Zone

Bang for your Buck 12-Bottle Model -Dual-zone Wine Cooler
Haier – Model HVTM12DABB

Boasting great qualities and available at a great price point, this wine cooler is perfect for gifting purposes. Looking for best west coolers that are of quality and budget friendly? Then look no further. This 12-bottle dual-zone cooler is for you.


Best Rated 18-Bottle Model – Dual-zone Wine Chiller
Koldfront – 18 Bottle Freestanding Chiller

The captivating beauty and elegance is enough to be included as a strong selling point. Not only that, it comes with quality features like a low-noise chilling system and easy to use LCD display. This 18-bottle cooler is one of the best I’ve encountered.

AKDY 16 Bottle Touch Panel Dual Zone

Top 16-Bottle Model with Dual-zone
AKDY Model with Thermoelectric Freestanding

This beauty by AKDY is for you if you’re into high class and great quality 16-bottle model wine coolers. Equipped with detailed wooden shelves, a thermoelectric cooling system, two separate sections, and a  control panel linked to a temperature display (LCD).

AKDY 16 Bottle Touch Panel Dual Zone

Top 32-Bottle Model – Dual-zone Wine Fridge
Wine Enthusiast Model – Silent 2-Temp

One of the best wine coolers that can chill your white and red wines separately in the same location. Its patented noise reduction technology will not disturb the vibe in your room. On top of that, it is elegant in appearance and yet easy to use.


Premium 46-Bottle Model Wine Cooler
Kalamera – 24-Inch Model Wine Refrigerator

If you own a countertop or a bar top and do not like annoying vibrations which are present in conventional cooling systems, then this 46-bottle wine cooler is for you. It can hold many bottles whilst eliminating space wasting as it can be positioned under your countertop or bar top. Its premium status also means that it comes with many cool features.

Wine Coolers (Built-in)

EdgeStar 18 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler

Top of the Line Small 12-Inch Model – Built-In Wine Chiller/Cooler EdgeStar 18-Bottle

You can keep up to 3 bottles per shelf with the EdgeStar wine cooler, using minimal space in the kitchen or bar. Comes with impressive features like a strong circulation fan, carbon filter, and a glass door (with UV protection). It can easily fit beneath almost any countertop.

Kalamera 15 Wine Cooler 30 Bottle

Top Single-zone 15-Inch Model – Freestanding/Built-In
Kalamera (Capacity of 30-Bottles)

Equipped with wood shelves, a top-of-the-line air circulation system and compact design, this wine cooler looks great under any counters (it can also be used as a stand-alone unit). Its large flexible temperature range always enables any wine to be kept perfectly chilled.

NewAir AWR-290DB Wine Cooler

Best Rated Dual-Zone Unit -15-Inch Wine Chiller/Cooler
NewAir AWR-290DB Model (For 29 Bottles)

Double temperature zones (suitable for white, red, and dessert wines) allow this built-in wine cooler to perfectly cool your wine no matter the type. Its list of excellent features includes a strong fan system, top class air circulation, and touch panel with LCD display.

Allavino Wine Refrigerator

Top Single-Door Unit – 24-Inch Wine Cooler
Allavino FlexCount – Model VSWR56-2SSRN (For 56-Bottle)

This is for you if you prefer a single door cooler that is wide for your under-counter. Although only having a single door, it can store an incredible 56 bottles of wine! To check out more about the features and other qualities, read my full review.

Big Wine (Gigantic) Coolers

NewAir Wine Cooler 116 Bottle

Top Large Built-In Model
NewAir Premier Model – Gold Series (For 116-Bottles)

This state-of-the-art, and one of the best wine coolers from NewAir is for you if you’re looking for a dual-zone and large unit for storing crazy amounts of wine bottles. Its strong shelves can hold up to eleven bottles each, and comes equipped with 4 separate display type for temperature, along with other stunning functions and features.

Allavino VSWR172-2SSRN FlexCount

Allavino FlexCount Model (For 172-Bottles)

The double-wide Allavino cooler can stand on its own, or even incorporated into your cabinetry. Read our reviews on its sister version (56-bottle) to discover everything about it as they have many things in common apart from the bottle capacity and size.

For additional reviews on the best wine coolers, I invite you to check out the categories to your right. You will discover many other wine coolers along with my personal opinions.

If you’re looking for a top-down look at everything then you can head over to my comparison table where I have listed down all wine cooler and refrigerator reviews. Pictures speak a thousand words so it might help in your decision-making process.

  • Wine Chiller/ Cooler Comparison List
    All wine chillers in one place, complete with pictures and links to their respective reviews…

Brands of Wine Coolers

Now not all who search for the best wine coolers is a newbie in wine and wine cooling systems. I have taken this into consideration as well so for those more seasoned in this area the below information might be of interest to you.

I have compiled a list of reviews for known brands like Danby, Edgestar, and Avanti. Even included are lesser known brands like Vinotemp and Haier. You can find these categories at the top of the page.

Additional Wine Cooler Info, Guides and Tips

As an avid wine enthusiast, I’m into everything regarding wine. That includes wine serving methods and other useful information about the best wine coolers which I will share with you here:

  • Refrigerator or Wine Cooler – Read this if you currently have a home fridge and are curious about the difference between both types.
  • How to best Serve Wine – Master this section to impress your family and friends!
  • The Noise Equation – After receiving many complaints about the noise factor, I have decided to dedicate a page for this.
  • Transitioning to a Wine Chiller/Cooler – If you are still on the fence on whether to get a wine chiller/cooler, read this section.
  • Wine Cooler Adoption Options – You will discover all the important paths available to you, at every stage of your wine storage journey.

Top 5 Wine Chillers/Coolers

It is a tough task to single out what are the best wine coolers, but the ones below are my best 5:

  1. Haier Dual-zone 12 Bottle Model
    At #1 spot, the Haier dual-zone budget wine chiller/cooler has the best overall rating due to its price and value.
  2. Newair 28 Bottle Model
    I think this is one of the top freestanding wine coolers in the market right now. I currently own one of these and can attest to it.
  3. Westinghouse Thermal Wine Cellar Electric Model (8 Bottles)
    Recommended for entry level wine cooling due to its high rating among customers, coupled with fair pricing.
  4. EdgeStar Built-In Wine chiller (18 Bottles)
    If it wasn’t a built-in unit this Edgestar wine cooler would have gotten a higher spot. Tons of positive customer reviews.
  5. AKDY Dual-zone Freestanding (21 Bottles)
    Recognized as one of the best bang for your buck dual-zone coolers, not surprizing it’s in the top 5.

Our Reviews in a Nutshell

When I initially discovered that my wine interest branched out into more visible paths, it opened a totally new world for me to explore.

And for that very purpose, this website was born to accommodate all things about wine including sizes of chillers/coolers, the different zones (single and dual), built-in types, and many other interest facts.

At the end of the day it all boils down to how much we enjoy our life’s hobbies and for me I really think my mission in life is to help others in the wine tasting community so that they (and you my reader) can be well-informed to select the best wine coolers for yourselves.