28 Bottle Newair Wine Cooler – Minimalist Perfected

Great Storing Solution for your Wine Collection

This is how I got started with the 28 bottle Newair wine cooler. Use the table of contents above to dive straight to the important points.

My infatuation with best wine coolers began many years ago when I attended a semi-chic dinner. The wines that came throughout the dinner course made a tremendous change on my outlook on wines. Since then, I began to immerse myself more in the “nectar of Gods” as I got to know more and more about wine and its safekeeping methods.

Back then I was still considered a newbie at wine drinking, never going beyond the curiosity to know more about wines such as the Chardonnay or the Shiraz that people say was a good cheese-complement. Nevertheless, I still got myself an Avanti wine cooler (12 bottle unit) just for the sake of storing a few wines and then some.

Few months after that eventful dinner that changed my life, my family and friends started helping me with my wine collection, after noticing my new-found interest. It didn’t take long before the Avanti cooler was stuffed full of wine bottles and we realized it was time to get a new one (it is still working good as of now) as my wine collection grew.

Intending to save as much as I could, I had an idea on where to store the excess wines that could no longer fit into my 12 bottle Avanti cooler, the basement fridge! And what a grave mistake that turned out to be.

You see, back then I didn’t know that some decent wines need special temperature conditions to survive. One night during dinner with my friends, I opened one of those wines (a good old bottle of expensive Shiraz) stored in my basement fridge and to my horror it was ruined and left me red-faced throughout the night.

28 Bottle Newair Wine Cooler

28 Bottle Newair Wine Cooler

The day after the uneventful dinner I decided I had to get a new wine cooler to store my ever-growing wine collection (I couldn’t risk throwing away more expensive wine because of my stubbornness). After digging high and low, along with some through research, I stumbled upon the NewAir AW218E wine cooler (28 bottle unit).

It had everything I was looking for. The specifications matched the requirements I set out, and it was good-looking to the eye as well.

Without further deliberation, I immediately ordered one and had it shipped to me the very next day. Here’s why I made the purchase…

Looks can be a Deal breaker

I’m sure I’m not the only one who cares about how things look (at least during the first eye-contact). The 28 Bottle Newair Wine Cooler could be mistaken for being a commercial wine storage unit you normally see in swanky restaurants.

It comes with a clear glass door, complemented by a gun-metal-grey finish. Another standout feature I like is the illuminating interior blue light which helps display my wines in all its glory.

On the inside, it has 6 sets of finished racks (chrome designed) which are adequate for storing up to 28 bottles of wine. If you happen to have a larger bottle of champagne, the racks can be temporarily removed so you could store all that champagne-goodness.

Constant Efficiency

At this stage of my wine storing journey, I already have knowledge about the different types of temperatures required by various types of wines. This meant that the wine cooler needs to be able to handle all types of wine thrown at it. The AW218E did not disappoint.

As of now, I have not yet decided if I will be upgrading to a dual-zone wine cooler (not now anyways). Therefore, the single-zone unit like the NewAir cooler suits me just fine. It is able to handle the various temperature requirements I needed it to handle (different wines and all).

Noise Friendly

Based on my research while looking for my ideal wine cooler, I’ve noticed many people having concerns about the noise-level of their wine coolers. This was never the case with my 28 Bottle Newair Wine Cooler. By having no compressor at all, it provides adequate cooling only via its thermoelectric system.

Naturally, without any compressor the noise levels are low. On extreme settings, you can only notice the slight hum it emits (which by the way blends perfectly with the background).

Newair 28 Bottle Wine Cooler – Overall

So far based on my many months of usage, the AW218E has not given me any cause for concern. It is God-sent to me and handles all my precious wines perfectly well.
It’s pleasing and good-looking to the eye, compact and free-standing. This means you could position it anywhere with a decent amount of space. Most importantly, it is budget-friendly!

I got it over at Amazon.com for a little over $200 and to me that was a real bargain.

By the way, the previous Avanti which I was using prior to this Newair unit, has found a new owner in my sister (I gifted her the unit for her first apartment down the street). She’s loving it as it stores her party wines perfectly.

To sum it all up, I have no problem recommending this 28 Bottle Newair Wine Cooler if all you’re looking to store is not more than 28 bottles of wine.

However, for more serious wine collectors who have more than 1 type of wine, I’d suggest looking at the Koolatron dual-zone 28 bottle cooler. With a modest addition of around $100 you can have yourself a dual-zone cooler that you can keep your whites and reds at different temperatures.