About Us

At Top Wine Refrigerators we have done extensive research and testing on the many types of wine coolers out there in the market.

We are different from the rest. We won’t make up your mind for you. Instead, we let you make the buying decisions for every product we review. No hard selling at all, period.

As you scour through the pages, you will probably notice that the owner of Top Wine Refrigerators, Gary, is an avid lover of everything wine-related, especially wine coolers. He has tried and tested many wine coolers available in the market.

We strive to provide you the best information about wine coolers to allow you to make better judgements and decisions. You won’t find us pestering you to buy a certain product (although we do recommend some based on our insider knowledge as well as products that we currently use).

With all that said and done, we want to thank you and welcome you again to our website. Enjoy your visit and we would appreciate if you would give us any honest feedback via our “Contact Us” page.

If you are looking for a certain review for a wine cooler and it is not listed here, please hit us up. Chances are we have most probably used it before and would write up a review for you here!

-Gary (Owner and friend)