AKDY Wine Cooler (Single Zone) Review

28-Bottle Best Value Wine Cooler

You will not be let down by its compact size, great quality, and incredible price.

The AKDY wine cooler (28-bottle) is for those that have limited home space, and yet want to store generous amounts of wine.

I consider myself a very lucky person to have the opportunity of having several decent wine coolers at home. I know of many that are not as fortunate as I am. Therefore I will take this opportunity to give you the best lowdown on this particular wine cooler, and you can decide if it’s the right fir for you.

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In later parts of this review, I will dwell more on the size of this wine cooler. But first things first, I need to highlight on another caveat, which is the price. For such a well-functioning wine cooler, you would be surprised at how competitively priced this unit is.

In fact, many other smaller alternatives cost more than what you would pay for this AKDY wine cooler.

AKDY wine cooler

Affordable Price, But is There a Catch?

I understand some of your concerns regarding the price. For a 28-bottle wine cooler with price points below those with 18-bottle capacities, something must give right? Apparently not.

There seem to be 2 factors at play here – either the competitors are providing a below-par and low-quality wine cooler, or they are just plainly ripping you.

There are companies that due to their expected high sales volume, can set their prices a little lower than their competition. There are also companies that cut the excessive fat (unnecessary extras), without compromising on quality, and still make a profit at the end of the day.

This is what AKDY has done, they prioritize savings for customer in hopes of capturing market share.

With the 28-bottle AKDY wine cooler, you have the chance of getting a top-of-the-line wine cooler at an affordable price without the bells and whistles. If you are a person who wants to most bang for your buck, then you can certainly afford not to have all the other “extras” which have no impact in the performance or functionalities.

If I am being honest, the only thing missing from this wine cooler is the usual tinted glass door. Many wine cooler companies design their units with glass doors that shield against UV rays, as this protect the wines.

This is not a deal breaker though, as most of the time you will just place your wines at home, out of sunlight. I mean, who in the right mind stores their precious wines outdoors?

Awesome Extras and Features

Despite the low price, I want to reiterate to my loyal readers here again that this cooler pacts a whole punch of other cool features and extras.

First is the controls. You are able to tinker the temperature from a range of 54 -66 Fahrenheit by using the soft touch keypad on the unit. If you are a fan of Celsius metrics, you can also opt to change the default via the “C/F” push button.

The blue LED display unit allows you to toggle the interior lighting system. It also displays the current temperature, and if you have selected any targeted temperature it will toggle between that as well.

Now here comes the great part. For such a low price, I did not expect it to come with the fabled thermoelectric cooling system that’s present in all high-end wine coolers! With this neat little feature installed, your wine cooler runs on super quiet mode, something that wont distract your everyday life at home.

Indirectly, this quiet cooling system generates no vibrations which allow the wines to age nice and quietly.

Size Does Matter

Now as promised, I shall talk about the size factor. Obviously after all I’ve said, this cooler seems to be compact.

For those interested in the dimensions, you will be pleased to know that the wine cooler fits nicely on a countertop or under a bar top. It measures 20 inches deep, 17 inches wide, and roughly 28 inches tall.

AKDY Wine Cooler – Overall Views

Well, to sum it all up, the AKDY wine cooler is compact and very affordable. It is suitable both for beginner wine collectors as well as seasoned players who looking for an additional wine storage unit.

You can get it at the best price on Amazon.com. It is not easy to find anything cheaper than this, with the same quality levels.