Allavino Flexcount Dual Zone Review – Effortless Wine Storing

Top 24-Inch Built-In (Single Door) Wine Cooler

Seamlessly designed for optimal flow and great kitchen function

Let’s get the ball rolling on the Allavino Flexcount dual zone wine cooler. First off is the size which measures at 24 inches wide. In an ideal situation, this would place it between 2 small cabinets in the kitchen (works best with kitchen cabinets measuring at 12-inches wide).

Now you may wonder what’s so special about a 24-inch-wide wine cooler? Well many refrigerators in this class usually comes with 2 doors. This cooler has only one. This automatically saves space on the onset due to lesser fridge-opening space needed.

Dual door wine coolers come with more seams. The main unit itself has 4 edges where the fridge and doors meet. Not to mention there is also that extra seam between the doors. On the other hand, a single door unit will not have this issue. This translates to more energy saving as well as lesser air leaks, providing a much stable environment for cooling purposes.

Allavino Flexcount Dual Zone

Allavino FlexCount Dual Zone 56-Bottle

In all honesty, having a single door cooler simply looks cooler and nicer on the eye. Some people do not prefer those extra frames and seams in their kitchen space, it just clutters everything up (not to mention dividing an already limited cooking space). This single door cooler just exudes free-flowing goodness all round in the kitchen.

Settings come Pre-Programmed

This is one of the main sticking points when deciding about this wine cooler: the pre-programmed feature. I’m just taken aback by surprise by its control panel and ease of understanding it.

One of the things that could use some improvement is the location of the control panel. It is situated outside of the door. I just wish at times that I could control the settings without disrupting the internal temperature, since I need to open the unit to do it. Aside from that, the control panel looks intuitive and very user friendly.

Let’s further drill down into the pre-programmed settings. Aside from the usual settings you would see in other wine coolers, this Allavino unit allows:

  1. Altering temperatures of the lower and upper zones separately
  2. Turning the interior lights off
  3. Change in temperature metrics display (Fahrenheit and Celsius) on its LCD screen

Here’s some tips on using the pre-programmed feature. Below are the list of best temperatures used for different types of wine:

  1. White wine – Between 46- and 50-degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Red wine – Between 56- and 66-degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Dessert, Sparkling, Champagne – About 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Now the average Joe would probably fit all the above information into his head (who has time for that anyways). The Allavino Flexcount Dual Zone wine cooler conveniently does that for you in pre-programming all these into their control system. All you need to do is select which type of wine(s) you’re cooling, and it automatically configures the cooling system to adjust the temperature accordingly. It takes all the guess work away from you.

The Big Picture

Being a 56-bottle wine cooler, it is of course expected to be able to hold that amount of wine bottles, right? That might be the case, but there’s a caveat here. That 56 magic number is the maximum storage bottles the unit can accommodate.

Ultimately it still depends on the size and length of the bottle necks. To fill up the full 56-bottle space would require you to have almost even-sized wine bottles for your entire collection (which allows for around 9 bottles per shelf).

The bottom shelf serves as an additional storage space for you wine, it being slightly larger than the other compartments on top. You can store 2 rows of bottles here. This wine cooler unit is special, whether you’re looking to store 56 neck-to-bottom wine bottles, or 45 larger ones. Imagine, all this heavy-lifting being done whilst using space equivalent to just 2 slim kitchen cabinets.

Multiple Size Options

This wine chiller also comes in different sizes at 30, 36, 121, and 172 bottles depending on your needs. It also depends on whether you have enough space in your kitchen.

All the different sizing options above comes with same internal specifications and quality as the 56-bottle unit. Nothing has been added or taken out. If you like its unique shelving system (as discussed earlier), the pre-set configurations on the control panel, but at the same time looking to store more than the standard 56-bottle wine limit then you will be glad to know there are options for you there.

Other Things to Know

There are other features that are worth mentioning in this wine cooler. It can hold many wine bottles due to its strong shelves (made of slatted wood for this very specific purpose).  Slatted wood can withstand high amounts of heavy load.

Besides that, the Allavino wine cooler also comes with air-circulation friendly feature slates. The melded wood pieces at the back and front help to secure the wine bottles neatly in their place.

A safety lock is also located at the bottom of the unit, preventing children from intentionally opening this wine cooler door. Thanks to its Led interior lighting, you can locate your wines easily even when you’re in the opposite corner of the room.

Allavino Flexcount Dual Zone – The Summary

With all said and done, it must be said that this unit is my favorite go-to cooler in the built-in single door 24-inch segment (one of the best). If you’re in the market for a single zone cooler equipped with easy controls out of the box, this is for you. The added good-looking aesthetics of the unit is also a nice to have bonus.

For a wine cooler unit with an average 24-inch space, the Allavino Flexcount dual zone wine cooler does a tremendous job of storing quite an amount of wine bottles. If space is a concern for you, then I’d say give this fella a shot. You can get this incredible wine cooler over at now.