Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler (18 Bottle) Review

An Upgrade Was Always on the Cards!

Here’s how I found out about the Avanti dual zone wine cooler.

Part of the reason why I like wine so much is because I am a social person (the sweet and tasty smell of wine played a big part as well). It’s public knowledge that wine plays an important role when it comes to ice breaking any event. However, I tend to digress here.

If you’ve been a frequent visitor to my website you would have noticed that I already have a NewAir Wine Cooler (28 Bottle), which tends to draw quite a bit of attention to passers-by of my home.

Recently I received an invitation to a dinner from a friend of mine who had an extra guest-ticket. And so, me being a socially inclined person, decided to attend it just to mingle with people.

And what a great decision that turned out to be. The dinner had free-flowing wine and I couldn’t help but taste almost every single one of it. While sampling the wines, I could overhear people talking and complimenting on how good the wines were (especially how they were chilled, etc).

Unbeknownst to me I joined in on their discussion without a second thought. We discussed things from the different types of wine, to how they should be stored properly for best consumption.

Fast forward into the conversation, I decided to tell them about my NewAir Wine Cooler and how satisfied I was with it. They all agreed that it was a good wine cooler that served many of their needs.

However, one of the guests suddenly brought up the Avanti Wine Cooler (18 bottle) into the discussion as he just bought a unit several months ago. And boy was I left amazed at it (and jealous).

Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Design

According to him, the wine cooler has stainless steel trims (comes in black). Curious, I did a search on the internet and found that the door handle blends into the overall appearance quite well. Its aesthetic was further enhanced by the shiny interior shelves and clear glass door.

The soft interior light emitting from the unit is bright enough to display your wines in all its glory. Being a free-standing unit, it can also blend in will in the dining room or kitchen.

Wine Cooler Features

Although my NewAir Wine Cooler was able to hold a generous 28 bottles of wine, the 18-unit Avanti Wine Cooler comes with dual-zone capabilities. This means he was able to store 2 different types of wine in the unit, as opposed to mine.

All wines are made differently (especially if they were made from different grapes to begin with). This was when I found out that certain types of wine needed to be at different temperature for best consumption.

The Avanti dual zone wine cooler can house 12 bottles at the bottom, with 6 in the top compartment. Another cool feature was that it comes with a security lock that prevents others from tinkering your temperatures.

One downside to this unit is its noise emission levels. Unlike my NewAir unit, it took him some time to tinker the temperature levels before he managed to stabilize the fan noise. Like the NewAir model, this Avanti wine cooler also comes with thermoelectric cooling system.

Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Jealousy justified?

Well I’ll admit that yes, I was a little jealous of the unit. It did cost me quite a sum of money for my own wine cooler, but it holds more bottles at 28. However, the mere fact that the Avanti comes with dual-zone capabilities was a bonus. Couple that with how much I was told the unit costs, and I couldn’t help thinking about it at least for a few days.

Check out the price here, you will be surprised as well.

If a dual zone unit is not your cup of tea, then I’d suggest looking at the Sunpentown ThermoElectric Wine Cooler (20 bottles). It is capable of holding an extra 2 bottles over the Avanti and is about $40 cheaper.
You can read my review on the Sunpentown here or you can go to Amazon directly here.

Read all about the Sunpentown here or proceed to view it directly on Amazon.com.