Avanti Wine Cooler – 12 Bottle Basic Goodness

Wine Drinkers’ Haven, with the perfect Wine Cooler

The Avanti wine cooler (12 bottle – EWC1021) was the first wine cooler I’ve purchased. It was often “overworked” in a good manner of way, during the times when I’ve had it operating. When I first chanced upon it, 3 thinks came into my mind which influenced my purchasing decision:

  1. Stylish finish
  2. 12 bottle wine capacity
  3. Out of the 12 bottle capacity, 4 can be vertically placed so it is perfect for already opened bottles which you do not want to waste (Usually after a small party where guests want to remain sober)
avanti wine cooler 12 bottles


Because of the unique way that the Avanti wine cooler (12 bottles) fan works, it produces lesser vibration than its counterparts. This is possible because of the thermoelectric cooling system that comes pre-installed within the unit.

Do note that this is a single-zone unit, meaning you will only be able to store wines at a single constant temperature. It didn’t matter much to me though as being a 12-bottle unit meant that it would be an overkill for having dual-zone capabilities.

I stuck by the single-zone unit until my wine collections grew exponentially after that, which I later got a dual-zone unit for it. I still have this Avanti single-zone wine cooler with me as it is a reliable piece of hardware.

This model’s initial intended purpose was for me to keep a few bottles of opened or closed wines, for simple occasions where I only consume part of it (And to make sure the taste of wine does not change even after weeks or months of storage).


Its concave front door (insulated) and sleek black design means this wine cooler can look stunning almost anywhere where it’s placed at. The interior is also well-thought-of. The chrome-finish racks enable you to display your favorite wines in all its glory.


If you were to store 12 bottles of wine in a normal everyday cupboard, you will think that you’d need a considerable amount of space for them all. The same can be said about the Avanti wine cooler (12 bottle) unit, until you see it for yourself. It is very compact and does not utilize much space like your other appliances do.

The Price

This review would not be complete without me discussing about the price wouldn’t it. To give you an honest answer, the price was what made me decide to choose the Avanti wine cooler 12 bottle unit over the others. Being just a wine collector who’s initially starting out, I didn’t need the extra zone wine coolers.

The single-zone function of this wine cooler is more than enough for me to store a few bottles of casual-drinking wines and with the affordable price tag, it just cannot go wrong!

Avanti Wine Cooler (12 Bottles) – Summary

The Avanti Wine Cooler 12 bottle cooling unit is for you, if like me, you’re only interested in storing a few bottles of wine for weekend consumption (or during the occasional gathering) and want to prevent your wines from turning bad.

This does not turn you into a wine enthusiast immediately, but it sure will help keep your wines in tip-top condition for when you want to consume them again later.

Although initially I mentioned that this unit produces less vibration than its counterparts, there is one downside to it which is the noise it emits. Like other conventional fridges, it emits a similar level of noise and so I would not recommend keeping it in places where it can pose an issue.

I am still a happy customer till this day, even after discovering the noise issue post-purchase. It’s not that much of a deal-breaker and it’s no different from a regular conventional refrigerator in the kitchen (where I keep this unit as well).

The EWC1021 Avanti wine cooler 12 bottle unit was incidentally also my first purchase with Amazon.com. They have now become my favorite go-to center for my shopping needs. You can locate the Avanti unit HERE, I am sure you will not regret the purchase as well.

Nevertheless, if the Avanti Wine Cooler 12 bottle-wine capacity is not enough then I would suggest getting the 28 bottle AW281E NewAir or the 20 bottle WC-20TL Sunpentown (these were the wine cooling units I bought once my collections grew out of hand).

If dual zone is your thing, then the Haier HVTM12DABB might be of interest to you. If you are still in the dark then read my best wine coolers post here to get your started.