Haier Wine Cooler 12 Bottle Review – Huge Savings Discovered

Budget Friendly 12-Bottle Wine Cooler (Dual Zone)

Perfect for Gifting (Giving or Getting)

This is a story of how I found out about the Haier wine cooler 12 bottle unit. If you’re rushing for time and want to just check out the wine cooler, click here

I’m blessed to have a job I’m happy to call my second home. This is because I’m supported by the wonderful people surrounding me every day.

Maybe it’s due to us working in a small bistro where the owner treats us like her family (well actually she’s one of my closest confidants).

Recently we had a co-employee who was fast approaching her important milestone birthday (I’m not mentioning her age here by the way, you know how peculiar women are towards their age).

This being her once-in-a-lifetime moment, it truly deserved something special to commemorate it by.

And so the entire workplace got together (while she way away for the day) to discuss on the perfect present that’s special enough and worthy of remembrance. During our intense brainstorming session, someone suggested “Why don’t we just get her a wine cooler?”

At that time, we were having one of these (32 bottle wine cooler) in our bistro and suddenly all of us recalled how much she was a wine lover. She would talk on and on about wine and how much she wanted a wine cooler to store her favorite wines.

We sat on this idea for what seemed like an eternity as there were some problems to get sorted beforehand. First, we didn’t have enough money to start with.

Secondly, we were worried she would not like our gift if what we got her was a cheap, bad wine cooler that doesn’t work as intended.

Haier Wine Cooler 12 Bottle

Haier HVTM12DABB 12-Bottle Wine Cooler

All of them turned to me for this challenging and arduous task of searching for the best and budget-friendly wine cooler as they all know I am a wine enthusiast. I have often bored them to death with stories of my wine tasting conquest.

I immediately started scouring the internet in hopes of finding the perfect wine cooler for her birthday gift (within a limited budget constraint of course). By chance I stumbled upon the Haier Wine Cooler 12 Bottle.

Based on various consumer reviews, it seemed like it could perform well for our purpose. Most importantly, it was well within the allocated budget, comes with great features, and beautiful to look at.

Great and Elegant Style

It has a sleek and black body, which we figured would blend right into her home as during our summer trips to her place we noticed that her interior was mostly black in color. It also kind of resembles the wine cooler we had in our bistro, with lights that illuminate the wine bottles inside.

Full of Usefulness

The most important thing when buying a wine cooler was how useful it would be. We wouldn’t want to get her something that’s full of figure-it-out-yourself dials which was not much of a help anyways. We’ve seen tons of useless gadgets like those.

We decided this cooler was a perfect fit for her due to the easy customizable temperature settings all done and displayed on a blue LED plane. It also comes with a few additional interesting features.

Flexibility in sizes

I particularly like the Haier Wine Cooler 12 Bottle, as the same cool features and specifications also come in many sizes (5 in total). It comes in an 18-bottle unit all the way down to a 6-bottle unit (18, 16, 12, 8, 6).

We chose the 12-bottle unit as we figured this was the middle ground (not too overwhelming and budget-friendly at the same time). With the 18 bottle-unit she would’ve tore herself out figuring out all the bells and whistles!

Reciprocating the Gift

Upon telling the others about the Haier Wine Cooler 12 Bottle, they were impressed with the quality of the wine cooler (more so about the affordable price). Without hesitating we proceeded to place the order online and had it sent to her place on her birthday.

At the same time, we got a custom greeting card made and handed it over to her when she arrived at the office the day after her birthday. All of us had one question in mind, “what did she think about the wine cooler we sent her?”

To our amazement she told us that she absolutely loved the gift to the point that she spent her whole morning setting up the unit before leaving for work today! We followed up with her a few days later and she had so much to say about the wine cooler.

First off, she complimented about he compactness of the wine cooler and how it enabled her to store both her white and red wines in perfect order.

She liked the design, but most of all she was now relieved and happy that she could prevent her wines from turning bad due to extreme temperature fluctuations which can happen if you do not use a wine cooler. To top it all off, she mentioned that it was sound-friendly.

 “It’s absolutely perfect!” That was her exact expression.

Well, I guess what goes around comes around in a good sense of speaking. Since gifting her the Haier 12 bottle dual zone wine cooler, we have been invited by her time and again to her place to sample her exquisite collection of white and red wines and we would go home laughing our hearts out.

Final Note

When our colleague unboxed her huge birthday gift, she exclaimed that it was so generous of us to get her such a big item that it must’ve cost us a fortune. I’m just glad she never found out how affordable it really was!

No matter if you intend to gift someone else, or just yourself (own birthday gift for example) the Haier Wine Cooler 12 Bottle is sure to impress, particularly due to its attractive price-point. Head over to Amazon.com and discover just how affordable the unit is.