Choices in Hanging Racks

Wine enthusiasts of the best wine coolers from all over the world keep looking for racks to decorate the bar. Listed here are some of the available choices in hanging wine glass rack. There are various materials for building your wine glass rack, some in wood, some in stainless steel and others in metal and brass. Some are easy to install and of the do-it-yourself kind, while some need professional intervention to get them installed.

Some available choices

Talking about available choices, the most common kind of arrangement that wine enthusiasts prefer is the glass rack even though wall mounted wine glass rack and stemware storage are also popular.

They hang from the walls with the help of strong cables and with the correct light focusing on they can set an aura of elegance. A wood hanging wine glass rack can come in various forms of wood. Some may be in chestnut color, some in cherry color while some in black color.

There are various colors depending on the kind of wood used for the wood hanging glass wine rack. For example in some models cedar wood is used and gives the rack its own color. In fact there are myriads of choices and if you are planning for a hanging wine glass rack that will match your existing decor.

If you order one from a reputable company you are assured not only by the quality of product but also about the durability of the product. Similarly you can opt for a stainless steel hanging wine glass rack too.

Stainless steel is very durable and if your kitchen accessories have a stainless steel finish, your most logical choice will be a stainless steel make. Again stainless steel has various finishes like for example the most common is the mat finished surface.

Apart from this there is the hammered steel finish that gives a rough finish. The chrome plate looks a bit more fair and shiny and in the same stainless steel finish you can have your black hanging wine glass rack. Wrought iron hanging wine rack is also very trendy and I have noticed that these kinds of material in iron and stainless steel are easy to maintain.

These can be installed over the kitchen counter or even the bar. You can also have an under cabinet stemware rack at your convenience. Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is the trend of hanging wine glass rack DIY that is very convenient for installing.

Some of the reputable brands in glass racks

Taking of reputable brands most of the names that I will cite in the section has created their own niche in the stemware market. They have been competent and if you desire then you can get hanging wine glass rack plans from all of them.

Bed Bath and beyond is a very reputable company. It has a chain of stores scattered in America and their reputation is good in terms of supply of quality of material. Their products are not simply restricted to the stemware; rather they offer the best solutions when it comes to bedroom, bathroom and dining room and kitchen.

Crate and Barrel is yet another reputable company that has a similar chain of stores. Their products too are very trendy and sleek. It specialized areas are housed ware, indoor and outdoor furniture, and kitchens. In the same genre of products another reputable name is IKEA.

It is a seventeen year old company that markets furniture that are ready for assembling. If you are looking for more value for money than IKEA is your best choice because they have a cost control section that gives the right value for money. With IKEA you are assured of at least two to three per cent cut in the prices.

While citing reputable companies one cannot ignore the contribution of Pottery Barn to the market. It is operational in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Yet another company that has created its own space in the market is Rogar hangs a wine glass rack. Its products are sleek and trendy and they assure also of the durability.

Today’s homes are sleek and compact and for homes of this type Rogar creates its designs. They have very good craftsmanship and innovative designs with which they have set a separate trend.

The pros and cons of some of the available choices on

When it comes to online shopping the best place is This is so not only because they have a wide range of objects on sale but because their reviews are precious.

The large chrome metal hanging wine glass rack is surely a very trendy design. You can place it under your cabinet shelf and make smart use of space. It is made in chrome finish stainless steel and is very durable.

But the difficulty is that you must be very careful while placing and removing the stemware in the rack. Not only do they make clinging noise, but also can damage the stems of the glasses.

Another product at Amazon is the JK Adams Stemware rack that is actually a hanging wooden wine glass rack. It can hold up to eighteen glasses and is made from unfinished hardwood. The rack is supplied with the necessary screws and it is very easy to install.

The counter top gets rid of clutter as well as the shelves and what more keeping in a rack makes it safer for storage. The look is aesthetic, but it is extremely functional because it can hold all kinds of glasses with ease.

Another additional feature that people find very useful is that while removing and placing glasses on the rack, there is no noise. The next product is the hanging wine glass rack cherry red in color, that is a piece of art.

Four stainless steel chains support the rack and while on the top you can store wine bottles the grooves at the bottom are ideally suited for the wine glasses.

Stemware storage nowadays has become trendy and gives a special appearance to the counter top and bar. Opt for a reputable rack to use your space well!