Ivation Wine Cooler Review (Basic 18-Bottle Power)

The 18 Bottle Most Silent Wine Cooler

You will not notice it’s there at all

Over the years I have had the liberty of using my connections in the wine industry to good effect. This is mostly due to the friendships I have built with owners of the local cellar industries and winemakers.

Nevertheless, every time I walk into one of them, I get the constant bombardment of questions like “What cooler is suitable for storing this wine?”, “I am a beginner, which wine cooler unit do you recommend?”

This website was created based on the need to determine which are the best wine coolers. I am very happy today that whenever the same questions are asked, I can direct here to get all their wine cooling information.

The cooler that we are going to talk about today is one of the quietest I have come across (Well at least in the 18 to 20 bottle range). Looking to impress everyone at your next birthday bash? Let them play a game of hide-and-seek. Only this time, instead of looking for you, tell them to close their eyes, be very quiet and sniff out your wine cooler.

Ivation wine cooler

Ivation Wine Cooler (18 Bottle Single Zone)

The high-tech thermoelectric system installed on the 18-bottle Ivation wine cooler is the reason behind the quieter noise output compared to the other brands. Unlike traditional cooling systems, it uses no compressors.

The lack of vibration in the cooler indirectly contributes to the quiet noise output as well. Now why is this important? As I mentioned many in my posts, the best way to extract and sample the flavors of the wine is to let it sit still (very still) and allow it to breath.

And by having less vibration in the wine cooler, this provides the best environment for the wine to age.

Other Important Features

The no-vibration cooling is not the only thing worth bragging about. The other qualities of this Ivation 18-bottle wine cooler could easily be a talking point for the entire night, if you have wine enthusiasts over at your home for dinner.

For instance, you could mention the humidity control function. Without a good humidity control, you can have the best wine in the world and not being able to fully extract its flavor. With the Ivation wine cooler you could maintain the humidity of the wine almost as if it was never opened before.

As I have mentioned many times before, red wine is always best served when it has aged a little. However, you do not want to allow it to breathe too much while it’s being aged.

You must make sure there is enough moisture on the cork so that not much air will be able to travel in and out of the bottle. It is by controlling the humidity levels that we are able to control the level of moisture.

Next in line will be the tinted glass door. Apart from portraying an elegant and nice appearance, it also serves as a protection against UV rays which can potentially damage the wine’s flavor and stability.

If you have guest over for dinner, all you need to do is open the doors to this wine cooler and it will keep them amazed. Your intricate wine collection is displayed in full of its glory the moment the door opens, with its interior lighting illuminating each of them. The on-screen and easy-reading LCD display ensures that you never set the cooler on a wrong temperature. The top-of-the-line interior lighting allows you to pinpoint and locate your wine bottles easily (at times much better than the conventional wire shelves that slide-out instead).

Ivation Wine Cooler (The Lowdown and Summary)

As with the other wine coolers that I have bought over the years, I looked high and low for any downsides to this cooler. I am a perfectionist when it comes to wine-storing so I needed to know that I was getting the right thing.

One thing that could be improved on is its temperature range. I was somewhat disappointed at this unit because it is unable to store dessert and white wines due to the strict temperature required.

Nevertheless, the Ivation wine cooler is great at storing red wines due to its range of 54-64 degrees.

Furthermore, you will not be considering an 18-bottle wine cooler (single-zone) in the first place if you were serious about collecting many types of wine.

If you seriously fancy this wine cooler, it is because you already have a main wine cooler for your wine collections and are looking for an extra one for other purposes. If yes, then this will be a nice fit for your red wines.

You can have a look at the unit here on Amazon.com and confirm that it’s one of the best choices for your red wine storage (or white wines at 54 to 56 degrees).