AKDY Wine Cooler (Single Zone) Review

28-Bottle Best Value Wine Cooler You will not be let down by its compact size, great quality, and incredible price. The AKDY wine cooler (28-bottle) is for those that have limited home space, and yet want to store generous amounts of wine. I consider myself a very lucky person to have the opportunity of having … Read more

Whynter 20 Bottle Wine Fridge – Stunning Basics

20-Bottle Wine Cooler Goodness This cooler generates envy very quickly I first heard of the Whynter 20 bottle wine fridge from a friend who was bragging to me about it. “This wine cooler is great, Gary” he told me. “I can never imagine living a single day without this lovely piece of equipment, it has … Read more

Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler (18 Bottle) Review

An Upgrade Was Always on the Cards! Here’s how I found out about the Avanti dual zone wine cooler. Part of the reason why I like wine so much is because I am a social person (the sweet and tasty smell of wine played a big part as well). It’s public knowledge that wine plays … Read more