Avanti Dual Zone Wine Cooler (18 Bottle) Review

An Upgrade Was Always on the Cards! Here’s how I found out about the Avanti dual zone wine cooler. Part of the reason why I like wine so much is because I am a social person (the sweet and tasty smell of wine played a big part as well). It’s public knowledge that wine plays … Read more

Haier Wine Cooler 12 Bottle Review – Huge Savings Discovered

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Allavino Flexcount Dual Zone Review – Effortless Wine Storing

Top 24-Inch Built-In (Single Door) Wine Cooler Seamlessly designed for optimal flow and great kitchen function Let’s get the ball rolling on the Allavino Flexcount dual zone wine cooler. First off is the size which measures at 24 inches wide. In an ideal situation, this would place it between 2 small cabinets in the kitchen … Read more