Types of Wine Coolers – All Tempting

Although I admit being a wine enthusiast, I must also concede that I know nothing about the origins and history of the emergence of the different types of wine coolers. So, for those that came here looking for those kinds of information, you’re better off Wikipedia-ing it yourself.

This article will be focusing on the different varieties of wine coolers that exist in today’s market. I hope the below information will be enough to enable you to make a sound and fair decision on your next wine cooler purchase.

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types of wine coolers

Counter-Top type Coolers

This is ideal for those that have limited floor space in their homes. They are also for people that do not have a hobby of collecting wines and prefer a quick consumption (usually within days of opening).

They are compact as well (due to their intended design for usage in tight spots) and most models can store anything between 5-25 wine bottles.

That is not to say that best wine coolers come in 1 standard size. They do exist in many size capacities, it’s up to you the consumer to decide which one to go for. A good piece of advice I would give is to measure your table top dimensions before you go shopping for one (you never want to underestimate the measurements and having to regret your purchase later).

You also need to allocate adequate back-spacing as well, as these types of coolers require good ventilation to perform at optimal levels.

built-in wine coolers

Built-In type Coolers

Like counter top wine coolers, built-in types are suitable for those that need their extra floor spacing for other purposes. However, one downside to them is they are more expensive, due to the fact you need to custom-design it to fit your kitchen design (which usually doesn’t need ventilation).

Don’t buy a cooler that’s not designed to be used in tight kitchen space, unless told otherwise by the manufacturer. You never want to get into a situation where the lack of ventilation damages your wine cooler, and in turn damages your precious and expensive wines!

Besides the cost for a built-in wine cooler, you should be prepared to fork out some funds to make the necessary space for it. Although once everything is done, the end-product will be a sight to behold.

Head over to our reviews of built-in type wine coolers if you’re interested in getting one for yourself.

free standing wine cooler

Free-Standing type Coolers

Free standings are generally the more popular ones among the different types of wine coolers used by people, including myself. It’s usually priced at the middle range level. But most importantly, it should suit whatever pressing problems you are currently having, do not blindly follow others (have your own taste).

As with the other types of wine coolers, it comes in various sizes. However one caveat to this type of wine cooler is that you need to allocate floor space to it.

Nevertheless, there are many free-standing wine coolers which defy your logic in that they are more space-saving than you can imagine. You can find these throughout our review website.

One major advantage of a free-standing cooler is that you’re free to decide where to place this, whether in the kitchen or even in the basement.

Single and Dual Zone type Coolers

You can also have a choice between a single or dual zone type of wine cooler, depending whether you intend to store more than 1 type of wine. More information of them can be located at our Single vs Dual Zone Coolers page.

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Apart from all these factors discussed, there are also a few things you can consider when shopping for your next wine cooler.

Models that are compressor-based are usually noisier than those with thermoelectric cooling systems (read our noise factor guide for more info)

Types of Wine Coolers – Conclusion

Ultimately, you need to take your time researching on what is the best cooler that suits your needs, and hopefully my website has given you enough information to come to that conclusion.