Westinghouse Wine Cooler – 3 reasons to captivate all

Best 10-Bottle Wine Cooler for Beginners

It is recommended not to wander too far off from your safety zone if you are just starting out experimenting/tasting wine. Ask any expert in the wine field and they would tell you to start small, and not delve into multi-zone wine coolers for at least the considerable future.

Hence it is advisable to start small as there’s a good chance you will start off by preferring one type of wine over the rest. For this reason alone, the single-zone wine cooling option is enough.

Back in the days when I first delved into wine collection, I really didn’t have much information on the different types of wine. To my understanding, white wine was “cold” in nature and red was “warm” in nature.

Throughout the years all my purchases of wine were solely for entertaining my dinner guests at home. Soon enough, one of my friends who attended my house dinner revealed to me that I was serving the wines in the wrong manner.

He explained that my home fridge was not a conducive environment for storing my white wines as it is too cold. White wines are delicate and require proper attention to temperature.

Westinghouse Wine Cooler

Westinghouse Wine Cooler 10-Bottle

In hindsight, I’ve now come to realize the huge error I made years ago when I first started off with wine. Since then, I have gotten myself a single zone wine cooler (10 bottle capacity) to store my white wines. For those that store the occasional wine for simple party/dinner purposes, the Westinghouse 10-bottle wine cooler is more than enough. You do not need a large 24-bottle wine cooler for this.

Westinghouse Wine Cooler – The Features

I will start off by listing down all the important features this single-zone wine cooler has. Its temperature ranges from 45 to 66 Fahrenheit, perfect for those with wine collections (white or red) like Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, and other similar types.

Dessert wines, champagne or sparkling wines however, are not ideal to be kept in this wine cooler since they have lower temperature requirements than the above-mentioned wines.

You will be able to adjust the temperature settings via a dial inside the wine cooler. Beware though that you can only set it to 1 constant temperature, unlike dual-zone wine coolers which can store wines in 2 temperature zones.

One standout feature that this Westinghouse wine cooler has is the pull-out shelves. This eases the tracking and labeling of your wines as all you need to do is just index your wines according to the shelves and store it away.

Those with sensitive hearing will rest assured that this wine cooler is silent as a baby, thanks to the thermal electric ultra-quiet cooling system, which is built into the wine cooling unit. I once meditated in the same room that my Westinghouse wine cooling unit was located, and it did not impede me in any way at all. I am that satisfied with it.

Visual Features

If you’ve been following my website for a while, you’d have noticed that I always push the importance of a wine cooler’s function more than the appearance. But I know some of you take aesthetics into consideration as well, so I will talk about it for a bit.

The Westinghouse wine cooler uses a considerable amount of space so it’s fair to have something worth looking at even for a wine cooler.

This wine cooler comes with a tinted glass door which allows you full view of the wines, aided by its almost-full-view design. Such a design is perfect for blending into kitchens where majority of the appliances are either stainless steel or dark-themed.

If heights are an issue for some of you, do not fret. The Westinghouse wine cooler can fit nicely under almost any countertops in the market, with no unsightly gap damaging your kitchen aesthetics. Apart from being able to blend into your kitchen, this unit can also be used by itself (standalone).

One area I can think of that fits nicely is the dining area, or any bar for that matter. Uneven surfaces? No problem. The adjustable feet ensure that wherever it is placed, it stands firm to the ground.

The company that manufactures this wine cooler apparently has a taste for “upscale restaurant” designs. This is because the cooler comes without any frames attached to the glass door (well almost). You’d find these type of wine coolers only at top end restaurants.

To Sum it Up

This single zone electronic wine cooler achieves top score in almost every area from size, function, style. My take on it is that this sweet little machine will do what it’s intended for (storing single zone wines) and it does it perfectly. This is however, only true if you do not wish to chill champagnes or dessert wines with it.

If you’re not an avid dessert wine drinker, the Westinghouse single-zone wine cooler is for you. Guests at your house party or dinner would have a hard time not looking at it as it stands glamorously during any occasion. The same can be said on Amazon (where you can buy this unit from). You will notice not many bad ratings/reviews about it.