Whynter 20 Bottle Wine Fridge – Stunning Basics

20-Bottle Wine Cooler Goodness

This cooler generates envy very quickly

I first heard of the Whynter 20 bottle wine fridge from a friend who was bragging to me about it. “This wine cooler is great, Gary” he told me. “I can never imagine living a single day without this lovely piece of equipment, it has practically become a piece of my life!”

Enough was enough, I needed to uncover more about his claims. I spent the next one hour digging up information on this cooler (both the pros and cons) and why was he loving it so much. I even paid a visit to his house to inspect the wine cooler myself, and I found out why he was so in love with it.

Somehow or another this friend of mine found out that I have this website about the best wine coolers of all time (I must have mistakenly leaked it during one of our nights out). He made it his case to include his wine chiller into my top 20-bottle wine cooler list. I had him share a little bit of the wine which was stored using the Whynter wine cooler in order to justify his claim. But in all honesty, I didn’t need to, as I already know by examining the cooler it self that it is something to be reckoned with.

whynter 20 bottle wine fridge

Whynter 20 Bottle Wine Cooler – Promoting Ease-of-Use

As my good friend David walked me through this wine cooler, I too will walk you through the same. Initially he was just spurting about how good the wine cooler is without going into specifics. I guess he didn’t know where to start, as there are many unique qualities associated with this unit.

Eventually when I managed to convince him to show me the unit, he led me to it and told me to stand still. “Just take it all in from this distance, isn’t she a beauty?” he exclaimed, scanning his wine cooler from top to bottom.

He couldn’t be more wrong. The black glass door encompassing this wine cooler allowed me just a little peak into the 15 bottles he had chilling within, ready to be used for any future parties or gatherings. However, the black glass door comes with an additional caveat as well.

David especially reminded me that the black glass door also serves as a shield preventing sunlight (UV rays especially) from tampering with the stored wines, and hence ensuring the freshness and quality wines.

David has a basement where he keeps his wine collections. This is also where he stations the Whynter 20 bottle wine fridge. One notable feature about David’s basement is that it’s uneven. This is not an issue for the wine cooler though as it has small rounded legs that are adjustable for almost any surface.

I was further briefed by David about the functionality of the unit itself, apart from its appearance and all. Of worth mentioning are the 3 buttons on the LCD screen. He describes that the up and down buttons are for adjusting the temperatures (obviously), whereas the final button controls the interior light that shines on the wine bottles.

The Whynter 20 bottle wine fridge allows for a temperature adjustment ranging from 46-65 degrees. I was personally amazed at how this allows me to store any types of wines. Not to mention the awesome feature of not having to open the glass door just to illuminate the lights.

Eventually I did manage to open the door, as I was curious to check out the interior designs and functions. There were 5 molded wire shelves, all full of David’s red wines. Just out of curiosity I tried moving the shelves in and out, and to my surprise there were no vibrations (at least none detected by me) at all.

The Ultimate Selling Point

After all the examining, I noticed that the cooler was especially silent. I asked David, “Is the cooler turned off?” To my surprise he tells me that it has been on the entire time. The built-in thermoelectric cooling system had done an incredibly good job at keeping things very quiet.

This special cooling system also virtually kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Along with providing a quiet environment, it helps maintain the stored wines in its current position by having less vibrations emitting throughout the wine cooler.

Whynter 20 Bottle Wine Fridge – The Summary

To sum it all up, I want to admit that yes David has been right all along. I now see his enthusiasm with wanting to include his wine cooler into my website mentions. I agree as well, the Whynter wine cooler deserves its own place here, so that others might be able to enjoy it.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer dessert, white, or red wines (or any other type of wines for that matter). The flexible temperature range of the Whynter 20 bottle wine fridge means it can adapt to any taste you want. Along with its impressive vibration-free cooling system (not to mention the no-noise factor), this wine cooler is certain to impress your close ones.

If you head over to Amazon here, you will notice that most of the reviews are positive, coupled with a fair and affordable price.